Have you heard about Tiktok?

If you have not heard about Tiktok, congratulations, you have grown very old. For your old souls, let us tell you what this application, whose video you might have seen somewhere on some other social mediums, does. Well well, Tiktok is a free mobile application with more than 500 million users worldwide. Being on 4th number on charts, this app is mostly popular in age groups of 10 to 20 (basically teenagers). Now if you’re thinking what is so good about this app, let us take to you to the wondrous kingdom of Tiktok.

Did you ever have the wish to act or dance on famous songs but always felt shy to do so in front of people. Well, Tiktok is here for you. It allows people to make videos, up to 15 seconds, in which you can chose the sound of your choice and Buy Tiktok Fans. And guess what, you can do it in your own room, alone and then share it with the whole world without having to go through the struggle of doing it in front of them. Isn’t this amazing.

Tiktok is being used and enjoyed by so many people online. The platform has diversified to the extent that some people are, now, making money out of it. These 15 seconds videos of people lip-syncing to famous songs can be money-manufacturers, who knew. Now, we’re sure that you all want to make a tiktok account. Well without further a due, let us tell you how this app works.

The first few basics are about Installation, feed and following other people and making and uploading videos. Well, you can get the app from apps store on your cell phone. Making an account on tiktok, you start following some people (mostly the famous tiktok celebs) to get the feed from other users of the app. And then comes the interesting part, video-making.

To create a video on tiktok, you click on the (+) button in the middle of the bottom line options, you “pick a sound” from either the sound gallery with different sorts of trends or you take it from your mobile gallery. If you make the video on tiktok app, you press the pink video button on the bottom of the screen and the video starts to record.

After completing the recording, you check if your video is worth posting. If it is, you add in some effects to it (for example, speeding up or slowing down the video or adding in some extra colors to the video) and upload it. And if the video is not up to your mark, well you have all the right and time to create it again so do it.  Other than that, you can also save video in your gallery without posting them. You know, when you can’t decide if to post it right away or to wait for some “perfect moment”.

So here it is, your ultimate guide to Tiktok. Go now and make your account on tiktok to unleash your inner actor.