What Is TikTok? China’s Popular Video-Sharing App Is Gaining Global Appeal

Jimmy Fallon the famous comedian last night has declared his new favorite application and he is now one of the tiktok fans.  Last year he had challenged the tonight show viewers for submitting their videos while they are rolling over the grounds like the human tumbleweeds through the application Tiktok.  This has got a lot of positive responses which has led towards the second challenge for Tiktok in which he has asked the users to send their clips in which he asked them to draw mustaches on their faces by using a permanent marker.

Tiktok is a video sharing application which was launched three years back in 2016 in China where the app is known by the name Doujin. The application has to gain a huge involvement of youngsters all over the world.  In the U.S, more than 100 million people are the users of Tiktok and this is the statistics shown by the sensor tower.  This application has gained popularity at the global level and it has been downloaded about more than even one billion times from Google and the Apple stores.

Following are the thing which you are required to know about this popular video sharing application platform;



Tiktok is known to be the platform for supporting short video formats which are normally for 15 seconds.  There is a looping feature added to the platform with which the users can make their videos one minute long and this feature has added more to the popularity of the application.

Normally the videos on the Tiktok have soundtracks accompanied with them.

Fallon talked about this application on his show saying that this is fun doing lip-syncing on Tiktok to act like sing a song or a clip from the movie and even the silly scenes with your friends or pets.

Who can use it and Buy Tiktok Fans?

This app is one of the most famous applications. According to some statistics, in the U.S, more than 60 percent of the population in terms of the active users of the app includes people aging in range 16 to 24.

The company has got recently in the hot waters and that is due to the pre-teenage use of the application.  The company has agreed to pay the amount of $5.7 million to the federal commission just to collect the data from the children under age 13 so that they could seek consent from their parents for using the app.



The application basically is owned by the ByteDance which is the China-based tech company and it has now been known as the world’s most valuable application having the value of about $75 billion.  This is a Beijing based company which owns a set of mobile applications in which Tiktok is also included.



People are crazy about Tiktok and most of its crazy users are from India. The number of users of Tiktok is increasing day by day and its ban in India for some time even also has no impact over the number of its users.